Becoming a Tour Host

Hi everyone!
Well since I have no idea how to try and convince you to join North Star Book Tours and remain semi-professional, I'm just not going to attempt it.

I guess our goals for this project are all about books.

We aim to promote author's books and let the world know how completely awesome they are!

But another of the main reasons why we are here is to form a connection with other bloggers out there. We want to be thought of as friends as well as people you can turn to and trust in if you need help. Perhaps, one of our biggest goals is to forge a connection that will be hard t break. How? Well the first step is to have twitter chats.
Our first chat (using #NorthStarBookTours) was a big success and really helped us to get closer to our hosts, which was a fantastic experience! We actually got several requests to keep this up! And that's the plan. Either bi-weekly of monthly, we will be hosting twitter chats about everything! Some weeks we might just have talks like good books we're reading or a recent reading experience and how everyone is. We may also have weeks where we have special guests pop in to discuss their book or something similar! Who knows! But it's bound to be a ton of fun. So we hope to see you there!

Each book we have on tour will be one that at least one of us has read. (Cal or Emz) We do this to ensure that the book has been been semi-edited. We are trying to make sure that the book is of good quality (i.e. for the most part good grammar, spelling, like it was proof read) as well as a good fit for our hosts.

On top of that, the tours we host will be focused purely on Young Adult, which means if you are a YA blogger, we will have many tours you might be interested in.

With each tour we will be holding a host only giveaway courtesy of the author.

Our goals are to forge relationships between bloggers and authors as well as to promote books to our highest ability.

We look forward to working with you!

The Rules    
  • We ask that all posts be posted by 9 AM Eastern Time.
  • All posts should be the top post of the day, unless otherwise discussed.
  • There are no minimum follower requirements
  • Reviews should be posted on Amazon and other review sites if possible
  • If we provide you with a review copy, you will, under NO circumstances provide that review copy to any other person. It is for your use and your use alone.
  • If you cannot post on the date assigned, all we ask is that you notify us so we can make arrangements
  • Failure to post on the assigned date without notifying us can have consequences
  • Please inform us if you change your blog name/address or if you wish to stop being a tour host and/or you wish to stop receiving emails about tours.


  1. I think that anybody who can lend a hand to get the word out about books is fantastic!

    1. So true! And thanks so much for being one of those fantastic people! We look forward to working with you!