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Hello Authors!
First of all we are a free book tour service. This means that you will not pay us to promote your book. What we do require is that each author that chooses to promote their book with us will be required to host a giveaway for both TOUR HOSTS as well as TOUR WIDE giveaway.

We have several rules that we require people interested in tours to follow.

  • First things first in order for us to even consider your book, it MUST be classified as Young Adult. We have tour hosts who specialize in blogging about this genre, s it is in your best interests to make sure.
  • We also require that the both of us (Emz and Cal) must have access to the book. Every book that we tour, we will personally read. This is for both our benefit and yours, so that we can ensure that your book fits us.
  • Just because we agree to read the book does not mean that you will be able to tour with us. IF WE SAY NO, then we are NOT obligated to tour with you. (Not to be harsh and most likely we won't have to ever do this, but once again this is also for YOUR BENEFIT)
  • We also need a THREE (3) MONTH window of time between the date that you want to tour and the time you contacted us. This is so we can read the book and then find hosts for the tour. 
  • You will need to make sure that you have the time to work on the tour with us. While we try as hard as we can to take as much work away from you, we CAN NOT answer interviews, do guest posts, ect.. for you. By signing up for a tour you are agreeing that you will give just as much to the tour as we give it. We understand that you will be extremely busy, but just understand you'll need to make some time for it.
  • We also ask that if you are touring with us you don't have other tours going on at the same time with other companies. We understand if you have them before and after you use us, that's fine. But we are putting time into ensuring you get the best experience possible and we are freely giving up our own time. Please don't abuse our trust.
  • We would love to tour with self-pub. and Indies. Totally fine.
  • If interested please fill out the form found at the bottom of this page. Also include if you are interested in one of the packages already listed. (Use the letter and the number. Such as B4 to indicate you would like a four week tour with interviews, excerpts, reviews, ect... as well as a specialized quiz.)

We have several packages that are available to authors. They are of course open to change as well as to any ideas the author has to help make them stand out.
Here at North Star Book Tours, we take pride in standing apart from the crowd. Below are several new and unique ideas that we have created in the attempt to set our services as well as the books we host apart from the crowd.
I'm sure you're to that point where you beginning to wonder what kind of package you should book. Well, here at North Star Book Tours, we want to make you feel comfortable. We also want to find the PERFECT tour for both you and your book. We offer a wide range of different lengths as well as a variety of ideas to help make your tour as unique as possible. If you have an idea as to what YOU want your tour to be, please feel free to let either of us know. I can't stress enough how much the both of us want to create the BEST possible experience for YOU! We want to make sure that the tour fits your book needs as well as you own personal needs. We want success for everyone involved.


Below you will find some of the packages we offer, that we hope include some fresh new ideas.

 Tour Lengths
a.) ONE (1) Week * ^
b.) TWO (2) Weeks * ^
c.) THREE (3) Weeks *
d.) FOUR (4) Weeks *
e.) 30-40 Stops 
f.) 10-20 stops
g.) random posting ~
*The author can choose whether they wish to include weekends in this number
^ If interested in doing a book blast then these are the only lengths we provide for them
~ random posting is only available for review opportunities in which case the reviewer would have the option to post when they are ready. Review opportunities can also have a window of posting if desired by the author.

Tour Ideas
1.) The Polaris Package~The Polaris package is a basic blog tour composed of reviews, excerpts, interviews, top tens, interesting facts about the book, guest posts, and anything else you can think of. This package can be used for any length. The package requires the author to do a lot of the work by answering questions and writing different posts.  

2.) Borealis Blast~For this package we would distribute several excerpts to several different bloggers. It would basically be a regular old book blast that you see everyday... but we would need a twist. Something like either the author or the blogger pick a song that would fit each excerpt. That way as the reader, reads each excerpt they could listen to music along the way. 
Another option would be to hide a clue in each excerpt. Then for the giveaway the participant would have to answer a question that they found in the reading....
Just a few ideas. Please remember that we are to work with anything that you can think of. Please let us know any ideas that will help your book blast stand apart from the crowd. 

3.) Big Dipper Hunt~For this package, it would be about the same as the Polaris Package... just with yet another twist. Included in this one would be a scavenger hunt. In each post we would hide some type of clue, such as a number or one letter in each post. (We would need to avoid sentences seeing as how English is not everyone's first language and sometimes it would be hard for some to come up with the sentence order.) This is an idea open to changes, so any thoughts feel free to let us know.

4.) Little Dipper Quiz~Like the Big Dipper Hunt package, the Little Dipper Quiz would involve much of the same work. You would still need to provide interviews and review opportunities, ect.... But on top of that there would be a quiz at the end of the post with a topic of your choice (something like What character are you?, or What place from this book would you be most likely to visit? or something else related to your book that could be easily translated into a quiz. Although we would be the ones making up the quiz, if there were any questions you wanted to provide for us that would be much appreciated...

5.) Shooting Star Photo Tour~ You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? With this package you can truly make that possible. On each stop on the tour, maybe in addition to an actual post, you can include either a picture that helps illustrate a certain event in the book, or a feeling you felt while writing it, or even a feeling that you the reader night feel while reading it. It could even be character profiles! Show us how you picture all the characters!

6.) North Pole Mysticism~ This package is a book blast. For this package we would require the author to come up with several interesting facts about either the book or themselves. It could be a fact about where you think the characters might end up in 20 years or something like where you got the idea for the book.... It all depends on what you want to share. Mystify the readers with new facts or ideas! 
7.) Northern Lights Review Opportunities~ This package is NOT a tour or book blast. It is simply an opportunity to generate some reviews. We will send out a request to hosts asking if they would be interested in reviewing your book. We ask that the author provide them with a copy of the book. It is up to them to post the reviews, though we do ask that reviews are requested to be posted on sites like Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, Librarything, Booklikes, ect... If there are any sites that you wish to have the reviews posted on please specify. Though North Star Book Tours will not be looking for the reviews, if they are tweeted to us using our user name we will of course help to cross promote. Like other tours, though, we still require time to be able to read the book ourselves in order to ensure that the content is appropriate for our hosts. 

7.) Solar Mystery~ Want to set up a mystery? Frame one of your characters with stealing cookies from the cookie jar (when clearly you were the one to do it), or have a similar mystery? Then this is the option for you. We would have several blogs post a "clue" and the readers would have to look at each clue and try to figure out which of the "suspects" did it. One blog could host character profiles. This is an idea that is definitely open to any input from authors.
Thank you for your continued interest in North Star Book Tours! If you found any of the above packages to fit your interests for a blog tour please write down the letter and the number and when you fill out the author interest form found under the sign up tab please remember to include them.
Please also take note that we will not be accepting cover reveals or trailer reveals at the current time. 
Thank you,
Cal & Emz 
(The brains behind the tours)

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