I'm sure you've come to this tour service with many questions floating through your head.

You've just written a book and you're wondering how on Earth can you promote it? How can you get the the world to see your book?

Well the answer's simple. You should have a blog tour where your book can be spotlighted on several different blogs. Now it all comes down to how to pick the best tour company for you.

Question: What exactly is a blog tour?
Answer: A blog tour is basically where several different blogs spotlight your book with different posts like reviews, excerpts, interviews, among several other types of posts all in the effort to help promote the book. It can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on what the author wants. 

Question: How will a blog tour help me?
Answer: As I've said before a virtual blog tour will get the word about your book. The tour will also help to generate reviews that bloggers will post on different sites, like Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, and of course their own blog. We even offer review only opportunities so that your book has an even greater chance o selling well. (Remember reviews are extremely important for a book, but the same goes for creating a buzz. Otherwise your book will likely be a book in a sea of millions of others. 

Question: How do I know that you're qualified to help me run this blog tour? I mean aren't the both of you pretty young?
Answer: Well the answer to that is you just won't know. But the same goes for any newer service, you're taking a little bit of a risk on us. We may be a bit younger than many of the other tour owners out there, but that doesn't make us any less capable. We both have much experience in the blogging world with Emz @ Icy Cold Reads having blogged for over a year, and Cal @ Read Books and Live Green quickly approaching a year. Combined we have a total of over 450 subscribers to our blogs. On twitter we have a reach of over 500 people and Emz also has over 350 likes on Facebook! Cal has worked to organize other events like the What's in the Snow? Scavenger Hunt. We are both experienced individuals and will put our utmost effort into ensuring your books success. 

Question: Do you really need a blog tour and do you really need to hire someone else to organize it?

Answer: Yes. Let's face it. There are SO many books out there and how is YOUR book going to be heard about? Simple. The way to have people to read your book is to find people who you think might like it.
For example would you ever go into a high school to try and convince students to vote for you for president? NOPE because you're appealing to the wrong people.
And the same goes for your book. You want to appeal to people who like what your book is about! And that's where we come in. We have hosts who LOVE reading Young Adult books.
Authors could potentially organize their own tours on their own, but often this can be a much more difficult process! The stress of releasing a book is enough as is without having to add a blog tour where finding interested people added on. So let us take care of the blog tour and publicity.

Question: You may have heard from other people, that free services are a rip off. They can't be trusted. Maybe you've heard that those with cheap/free services won't do a good enough job. Your book is something that YOU have spent so much time working on, don't let it fall into the wrong hands. So can OUR free service be trusted?
Answer: I would say yes. Just because this tour company is free does not indicate in any way, shape, or form that we aren't as good as a service that costs hundreds of dollars. Our goal is to spread the word about you book. We will put as much effort as possible into ensuring that we get the best people possible to be spotlighting your book. When you come to us, our goal becomes helping you promote your book to the highest possible level and letting people know just how amazing it is!

Question: How do you pick the books that you will promote?
Answer: In order to have a shot at working with us your book will have to undergo screening. We ask that you provide both of us with a copy of your book so that we can attempt to make sure the book is a good fit for our hosts. For the most part we are looking to ensure that we promote books of good quality (Grammar, spelling, ect...) and also to help provide you with the best experience possible.

Question: This seems too simple... A free service no strings attached? It seems as though there should be a catch.
Answer: There is a catch... kind of. We require that when you book a tour YOU provide a giveaway for BOTH the general tour AND a host only giveaway. This isn't for our benefit, though, it's for yours. In order to create a buzz having a giveaway will get more people interested in your book and also spread the word. As for a host only giveaway it entices hosts to host you on their blog. Any questions about what the giveaway should include please feel free to contact us.

Question: You have packages included on your booking a tour page, but I want something completely different. Can I ask to change the packages around to fit my needs for the book?
Answer:  The answer would be YES! The packages are there as a reference for us as well as the author. We are willing to talk about a better way to promote your book. We are always up for new ideas!

Question: What sets us apart from every other tour company?
Answer: The answer would be a couple different things. First of all, we specialize in young adult books. Many other tour companies also promote adult, New Adult, and Middle Grade fiction. And that's all good, except for the fact that with them you might now get the same level of dedicated Young Adult bloggers. We are also working to have tours and spotlights that might be slightly  different from the others that you see floating around the blogoshpere. We plan to stand out from the crowd all the while giving you the best experience possible.

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