Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Grand Opening of North Star Book Tours!

If you've yet to have heard, North Star Book Tours is the brain child of both Emz @ Icy Cold Reads and Cal @ Read Books and Live Green.
It began as a simple idea in early November 2013, and soon both of us were working to create a unique service to help promote authors and get more involved in the blogosphere.
It seems crazy, right? There are so many tour services out there, why would we start another? Well, both of us have several ideas that we are working on for tours. We both want to create something that is different from everything else out there. Who knows if that will happen, but hey! At least we're trying!
One of our first steps right now before we begin to book tours, is to generate a good base of tour hosts. We already have several interested hosts, but we are still looking for more!
So, why join us as a tour host?
Well, we offer not only tour wide giveaways, but host only giveaways for every event, as well. Hosts can also choose from a wide variety of content to post on their blog.
Currently we are not offering cover reveals or trailer reveals.
BUT we do have a wide variety of tour packages that we feel are new and unique. (You can check them out under the Tour Packages Tab!)
Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to check out the site! We appreciate all the support we can get.
We have been working hard on the site for the past two months, so it's definitely a bit nerve wracking to let you all see it!
I really hope, that with any luck, we'll be able to make a big splash in the blogging world, but we need your help to do it! Help spread the word about North Star Book Tours! We will be forever appreciative!
Any questions/comments/concerns please feel free to email us at or on twitter @NorthStarBkTour.
If you would like to contact one of us personally our emails are
OR twitter
Cal: @Read_LiveGreen
Emz: @EmzChang